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Hi Mate!
Glad to see you here on my project. Actually it’s my first public open source project so please be tolerant to my first steps ;)
I’ll appreciate any comments you may have and always open to any discussions.
So, feel free here and do what you like ;)


GoodsStore is yet another WEB-based example application that intended to demonstrate best-practice usage of modern frameworks and technologies like Spring, Struts, JMS, Web-services, iBATIS, etc. The main audience of this application are Junior J2EE developers but I think Senior developers will also find some interesting approaches. Idea of such example application is not new and you can find several good WEB projects like Appfuse or its light version Equinox. Where my way is differ is the accent on fullness of technologies that are around developer our days. I don’t pay too much attention on application complete functionality. I just demonstrate workable approaches and usage combinations of various technologies to help you make quick start up in your own application.



This project was originally created by Vyacheslav Potapenko and you are free to to do anything you like with it. If you add extensions that you think this application can benefit from - please send them to me, and I'll add them in.


You can download GoodsStore sources here. By pressing on Download button you will be redirected to the best mirror of SourceForge network.


Good luck and I wish you productive development!

/ Vyacheslav Potapenko (aka eline)


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